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The Josh M Show

Aug 23, 2018

Many experts say that Michael Cohen's claim that Trump committed a crime is fabricated. PLUS: Will the new push for impeachment HARM the Democrats? And much more. 

Aug 23, 2018

Cohen's crimes have nothing to do with Russia or collusion. And his campaign finance "violations" were made up by prosecutors in a sad attempt to connect Cohen's crime to Trump. And much more. 

Aug 22, 2018

PLUS: McMaster persuaded Trump to not revoke Obama's security clearance. New Omarossa tapes. And much more. 

Aug 21, 2018

Meanwhile, the more information the FBI got from FusionGPS, the more money Nellie Ohr got paid. Talk about conflict of interest. PLUS: California bans soda, Twitter admits they're leftist, and the Judge who reinstated DACA rescinds part of his ruling. 

Aug 20, 2018

PLUS: NY Times latest "bombshell" Mueller story is actually pro-Trump. And much more.