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The Josh M Show

Dec 27, 2020

Once again, President Trump is making Democrats look foolish. Pelosi and AOC are actually fighting FOR Trump's bill, after he refused to support Pelosi's bill. Meanwhile Biden is urging Trump to sign the current bill, which would only give $600 to each American. Trump is making the Democrats squirm. And the media is...

Dec 24, 2020

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Blast OBSCENE spending bill. AOC complains about not having time to read monstrous 5,000 page bill...then she votes IN FAVOR. Ilhan Omar blasts AOC for getting a vaccine before high-risk--Ocasio defends herself, saying its for "national security". Lindsay Graham says appoint a special counsel to...

Dec 20, 2020

Yet the media still showers Biden with endless positive coverage. PLUS: CNN reports fake news about Melania, no apology after its debunked. Is Trump considering appointing Sidney Powell special counsel to investigate election fraud? Jim Jordan blasts media for ignoring Hunter Biden and Swalwell. More details on...

Dec 16, 2020

PLUS: AG Barr will resign, AP praises Biden's vicious speech as "unifying", and Trump administration will make SHOWERS great again








Dec 13, 2020

PLUS: Iran executes journalist accused of inciting riots. UN asks Iran to stop its nuclear program, Biden considers Cuomo for AG, Time Mag names Joe and Kamala person of the year, student's HS yearbook photo rejected because she posed with American flag, and much more.