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The Josh M Show

Jan 31, 2021

There is no justice for Democrats. Kevin Clinesmith, who doctored an email that could have exonerated Carter Page, in order to convince the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign, has been sentenced to probation. PLUS: Biden halts plan to vaccinate...evil terrorists. Democrats pushing hard for $15 national minimum...

Jan 24, 2021

PLUS: Biden halts all deportations, ICE may release thousands of criminal illegals. Media falsely reports that Twitter suspended the account of Ayatlollah Khameinei. And much more. 






Jan 18, 2021

If declaring a "fight" is inciting a riot, nearly every politician should be impeached. PLUS: Joe "NOT a Moderate" Biden releases his radical agenda for his first day in office. Mike Pompeo says there is new evidence linking the coronavirus to the Wuhan virus lab. And much much more. 

Jan 3, 2021

PLUS: Biden shuts down Zoom chat after reporters complain about being shut down at press conferences. Graham says the $2000  stimulus checks are NOT socialism. Palestinian govt praises terrorist murderer. Rubio blasts Dr Fauci in op-ed. And much more.