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The Josh M Show

Apr 29, 2021

John Kerry leaked highly classified military secrets about Israel to anyone surprised? Kerry has long been a flunky of the evil Islamic terrorist regime, and malicious against Israel. PLUS: In Biden's first 100 days, our worst fears have materialized--Biden is a radical socialist, taxing the rich, ramming...

Apr 25, 2021

PLUS: Biden's infrastructure bill is loaded with wasteful spending UNRELATED to infrastructure. Did Iran target Israel's nukes? Biden bans term "illegal alien". Biden erases fines on illegals. Politico instructs staff not to call the border crisis a "crisis." Kamala Harris visits THE WRONG border! And much more. 

Apr 18, 2021

According to one official, thousands of centrifuges were damaged or destroyed in the Natanz attack. PLUS: Biden finally calls the border mess a "crisis", while Kamala who is supposed to be solving the mess is nowhere to be found. Ben and Jerry call for defunding the police (Please stick to making ice cream and stay out...

Apr 6, 2021

Imagine if Trump encouraged a sport to protest a liberal state. Meanwhile, Jen Psaki tries to spin it and claim that Biden did not say he supports baseball for removing the all-star game from Atlanta. PLUS: Biden admin resumes talks with Iran. Is AOC really ineffective? And much more.