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The Josh M Show

Aug 29, 2021

Why did Joe Biden give the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghanis who assisted the US? Doesn't he realize the Taliban will kidnap and kill these innocent people? Why is Biden acting as though the Taliban are suddenly the "good guys"?

PLUS: Supreme Court rules that Biden must reinstate "Remain in Mexico", at least for...

Aug 23, 2021

The mess in Afghanistan is the biggest foreign policy debacle in US History. Just several months into his presidency, Joe Biden is a complete failure. Even the mainstream media is calling Biden a liar. Are his own advisors intentionally crushing his administration? PLUS: The FBI finds scant evidence that the...

Aug 16, 2021

Even the media cannot deny it - Biden has reversed 20 years of success in Afghanistan, and allowed the terrorists to take over the country--in a matter of DAYS. Anyone could have predicted this, yet the White House is stunned. PLUS: Was the maskless Obama birthday bash a superspreader event? Can "sophisticated" liberals...

Aug 3, 2021

The bill is so long, nobody can possibly read it before the vote...its not humanly possible. Plus: Iran murders 2 crew members on an Israeli-linked oil tanker. Hunter Biden artwork sells for $500,000 (he must be a really good painter). Ilhan Omar proposes socialist UBI legislation. And much more.