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The Josh M Show

Jul 31, 2019

PLUS: Racist Al Sharpton embraced by numerous (hypocritical) Democrat candidates. And much more. 

Jul 25, 2019

Wow, what a debacle for the Democrats. 

Jul 23, 2019

PLUS: Trump's new program will eliminate 3.1 million food stamp knocking off people who DON'T qualify! Tlaib says the minimum wage should be $20 an hour. The questions we want Mueller to answer (though he probably will not answer them). And much more. 

Jul 21, 2019

PLUS: Trump sells plastic straws, Bernie Sanders won't pay workers $15 / hour, the Democrats debate over healthcare gets ugly, Jewish groups respond to Omar's BDS resolution, and much more .

Jul 19, 2019

In another exciting appearance, Moshe Hill ( provides in-depth analysis on all the latest issues. Insightful, entertaining, and fun as always.