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The Josh M Show

Sep 13, 2019

Once again, radical leftist courts tried to use injunctions to block Trump from doing his job, and the Supreme Court overturns their decision. PLUS: Did the Mossad spy on Trump? Or perhaps they were working FOR Trump? And much more. 

Sep 8, 2019

In another exciting interview, Moshe Hill ( discusses Warren's recent surge, why Trump's unimpressive poll numbers are not reason to panic, the media's endless barrage of attacks against Trump, CNN's climate town hall, Alabama-gate, and much more. 

Sep 6, 2019

PLUS: Why is the media so obsessed with Sharpie-gate? Marianne Williamson wants to use mental energy to change the path of Hurricane Dorian. AOC tells Congressman Crenshaw--Don't lend guns to your friends. And much more.